Trainings: Our services

A company can only become and remain compliant if the VAT knowledge and awareness of the staff is up to date. To stay up to date with the latest developments in countries or regions or in relation to specific topics The VAT Consultancy Firm offers trainings in Dutch and English and is also involved in training programs of other organizations in the Netherlands and the rest of the world.

You can find an overview of all trainings past and future here and you can contact The VAT Consultancy Firm for information on a custom made training for your organization.

The VAT Consultancy Firm are active VAT trainers of the following organizations:

  • The National VAT Conference in the Netherlands – organized by The VAT Consultancy Firm in cooperation with SDU
  • The National Customs Conference in the Netherlands – organized by SDU
  • The International VAT Expert Academy – organized by The VAT Consultancy Firm in cooperation with IVCC, KMLZ, LeitnerLeitner and Cotessat.
  • The International VAT Association
  • VAT Forum. CV – VAT Summits and International VAT School
  • RB – Dutch federation of tax advisors
  • EVO-Fenedex – Dutch Federation of Exporters
  • Dutch Chamber of Commerce
  • JHEduction

We offer (custom made) global VAT trainings

More than 170 countries in the world apply a VAT system. Each have similarities and differences. Learn more about certain regions or countries on demand. We work together with our global partners to provide high level or in depth VAT trainings.

We offer (custom made) EU VAT trainings

The VAT Consultancy Firm has a large track record of successful EU wide VAT trainings for clients doing business in multiple EU countries. We are able to offer trainings at different levels, varying from one day to an entire training program. Trainings designed for legal, logistics, AP or AR, entire shared services centers and finance departments. We are flexible in our approach and focus on client needs and practical content. As part of our EU VAT training the participants receive the European VAT Handbook to use after the training in their day to day activities.

We offer (custom made) GCC VAT trainings

In 2018 the GCC region introduced VAT. The GCC region consists of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait. The first two countries who have implemented a new VAT system were UAE and KSA. The VAT Consultancy Firm has in depth knowledge of the VAT systems applicable in these countries  and published their legislation.

We have published several articles in international VAT expert magazines and closely monitor since early 2017 the developments of the VAT legislation in that region of the world. Already in 2017 we started to offer training sessions for our clients to prepare for the introduction of VAT and presented at international VAT conferences. If you interested in a VAT training for KSA or UAE contact us