As an entrepreneur, one comes in contact with VAT rules. These VAT rules seem more simple than they actually are. An example of this complexity is how the Dutch tax authorities conduct their oversight of these VAT rules. They require the company itself to perform the controls and audits of the procedures. International transactions can cause the need to register with the tax authorities in a foreign country. These examples show that a specialized knowledge of the subject is needed.

Our VAT-ers are actively engaged with all aspects of VAT and are part of an international network of independent VAT advisors, such as the VAT- Forum and the IVA. Through these networks, we are informed of the latest regulations and ensure that our customers can make optimal use of all the possibilities under VAT law. We have a pro-active approach and will think together with the client about how to apply any new developments of the law within the concern.

Currently, we advise Dutch and foreign entrepreneurs, charities, non-profit organizations and clubs on VAT issues. Because we are completely independent advisors, we also advise large and small accounting- and tax offices regarding VAT questions by their clients.